I shall become the New Day

This human consciousness is not acceptable
Unto the Lord our God!

Therefore I move toward the center of the One.
I move as a discoverer of the great New Day
And I shall become that Day

And I shall leave behind all of those personal preferences
Of my outer personality
And I shall draw my soul into the center of the living Christ.

And I shall dare to be different!
I shall dare to be outspoken!

For I have nothing to lose except my own ascension
If I fail to do so.
And thus I stand with the living Word

And I fear not to speak into the very teeth of those devils
And to pronounce their judgment

And to give them the warning to cease
From their nefarious and destructive deeds.

And I fear not to challenge
Those forces of the Evil One great and small.

I challenge you,

Each and every one who moves against
The Light of freedom.

The Flame of Freedom Speaks

The Flame of freedom within each heart.

These are they who have set their teeth with determination,

Who have said:

I will never give up

I will never turn back

I will never submit

I will bear the Flame of Freedom unto my victory

I will bear this flame in honor

I will sustain the glory of Life within my being

I will win my ascension

I AM Freedom

I AM determined to be Freedom

I AM determined to bear it to all

I AM God’s Freedom

I AM fulfilling the purposes of God’s kingdom

The Victory Way of Life

In the name of the I AM THAT I AM,

I reject the mediocre, I reject the ordinary,

I refuse to be a lump of clay,

Disturbed, diseased, degenerate, unhappy, unfulfilled,

In the name of Almighty God,

I claim my soul liberation in this life,

And I refuse to come back again and again

Into physical embodiment to struggle against the same odds,

Each time coming to the same position,

Face to face with the question:

Will I win my Victory?

Will I make my determination?

Will I accept the pressures of Light?

Or will I go back into the dark?

Or the realm of mediocrity?


In the name of the I AM THAT I AM,

I call forth the Light of God and I declare,

I will win my Victory!

I will make my determination!

I will accept the pressures of the Light

And I will go forward into the Light

  And into the realm of excellence and the exalted ones!

Decree for Purity

Open the door to Purity!

Open the door to Purity!

Let the breeze blow and trumpet Purity

Over the sea and over the land;

Let men understand

The Cosmic Christ command.


I come to open wide the way

That men without fear may ever say:

I AM the Purity of God

I AM the Purity of Love

I AM the Purity of Joy

I AM the Purity of Grace

I AM the Purity of Hope

I AM the Purity of Faith


And all that God can make of Joy

And Grace combined.

I am Light

I AM light, glowing light,

Radiating light, intensified light.

God consumes my darkness,

Transmuting it into light.

This day I AM a focus of the Central Sun

Flowing through me is a crystal river

A living fountain of light

That can never be qualified

By Human thought and feeling.

I AM an outpost of the Divine

Such darkness as has used me is swallowed up

By the mighty river of light which I AM.


I AM, I AM, I AM light,

I live, I live, I live in light

I AM light’s fullest dimension;

I AM light’s purest intention

I AM light, light, light

Flooding the world everywhere I move,

Blessing, strengthening and conveying

The purpose of the kingdom of heaven.