We have heard all the way to Venus about the troubles you are facing on Earth—a worse darkness than the one I was met with for thousands of years ago, when I joined Planet Earth to bring light to its darkness.

It seems it could need a lot of light again.

What better than for all of you to spread your light over the darkness? This has to stop so the beautiful Planet you are living on can again find its balance.

This time we who are observing this from a distance hope the dark forces will soon be taken over by your light and a higher vibration will be shown in the mist of this chaos that surrounds you.

We are all ONE with the Universe, but we all have to stand up for the consequences we are creating because it has an echo to all of us.

It is my knowledge that each individual can’t handle it alone that’s why you have to reach out to others with the beauty, love and compassion you can show them.

You are still fighting the Fallen Angels, Satan and Lucifer, who are showing their darkness in action up against you light bearers. Don’t let them win over you, your light is stronger than their darkness.

But it seems so many have surrendered to all the false News that hope to convince you that you are the wrong ones. Don’t buy that. Keep your clear minds, cultivate your “garden” with your beauty and keep listening to your hearts of integrity.

Stay strong within your own inner voice, your intuition will show you the truth.

Let’s all hope that this will end in a way that will give space and understanding for all differences there have been created on Earth.

Show tolerance and respect for each other and clean up the hatred many have established within themselves without even be able to see the truth in all of this.

The world is divided. As Yogananda told you, you have to destroy the division and look upon it as a tool to get to understand the different issues that you are being encountered with and through understanding be able to grow into a higher vibration and dimension with the Universe.

I AM Sanat Kumara 
Looking out for you!

Sanat Kumara came as a voluntary exile from his Planet Venus to bring us light to our Planet that had gone dark. 144.000 souls volunteered to assist Sanat Kumara in his mission. Some of us are still on Planet Earth.