It is time to let my voice be heard again.

What I see going on in the world is pure destruction in whatever direction you look.

You are standing on a threshold – that if you don’t take command and shift this into better ruling you face another thousand years on Earth in darkness.


Get together reach out to all the leaders in the world and ask them to sit down and work this out together – otherwise there will be no saving of humanity on Earth no matter how rich you are.

The whole system has gone far too far and your leaders don’t seem to care.

The way you are just sitting accepting it all with blinds is ignorance, selfishness and unacceptable, if you want to continue a life on Earth.

You are back at a time where Atlantis sank and Lemuria sank – this time it might take the whole Planet into a disaster that might take hundreds of years to come back.

You are gambling in your ignorance the life of your children by agreeing to all unacceptable rules the leading power is putting upon you.

Only few of you even understand what is happening because you haven’t even studied history. A history that is about repeating itself, but this time worse than ever before.

You behave as you are blind and deaf and continue as if there is nothing in your phantasy that could happen.

Some of you have woken up – we need many more that can set down the foot and say no to what they are trying to force you to accept.

I wish you good luck.