We are in for a New World. 

Right now it might be difficult to see that, due to the chaos the world is facing, but as previously said it is all temporary.

However, if you can get away from all the negative influences that occupy your day, you will feel there is already a shift happening right now.

Your consciousness is changing.

The Universe is opening for you to tune in. The Earth is on its way to a higher dimension.

At first it creates confusion, that’s why you are facing all this chaos on Earth.

When it settles down into the harmonious balance, the shift will happen for creating a better world.

So please be prepared, educate yourselves by trying to get back on the path you were meant to walk, because then it will be the time for you to manifest why you are down on Earth and what you are supposed to do.

It will come to you in a much clearer picture than what you see right now. Listen to the voices that might come to you in silence with yourself.

Those are your guidance.

But you have to work on your spiritual elevation through cleaning up all the clutter that block you especially entering your daily life from outer influences.

Let us together bring Mother Earth into her balance, but it demands that you take control of your own inner balance to stay strong in this period of transition.

Call upon me if you want my guidance to help you going through this transformation and for you to find your way.

New thoughts, new ways are knocking on your door.

Be the creator together with us Ascended Masters of a New Golden Age where we all can share the joyful moments with love and beauty. Get rid of all your old programming, there will be new perspectives that will give you the freedom to create and manifest what your heart is telling you.

You have a wonderful time to look forward to and the chaos will settle down.

We are all working on it, so join us.

I AM Great Divine Director

Note: Great Divine Director is a Cosmic Being.