Since everything has changed dramatically in the world it is time to reflect upon it all and in silence find the wisdom that can take you to the new steps.

So much to tap into when listening to the inner voice that often comes from a higher realm.

You are moving into the New Consciousness that will connect you with the Universe. A very exciting time in all its bad energies.

If you can close yourself off from the outer world and all its noise you will enter into a beauty of the Cosmos.

You are standing in front of becoming the Cosmic Being you were supposed to be if you do the homework it takes.

There is no easy way out and it takes a great deal of discipline and hard work.

Find the path you feel comfortable with a path you feel you belong on and grow from there irrelevant of what your friends and neighbors are telling you.

We all have a unique path we came down to walk. Walk it and don’t look back. This is a New Era that is meeting you.

Be awake – be alert – connect with the Christ within you. Purify so the light can penetrate you and help you.

Get together with those you feel are on the same path as you are. Unite with them and let go of all the dark forces that might have held you back.

Open up your heart and listen to it, it might have many things to teach you.

Everything in life is temporary, hang in there and do your work.
I wish you well and I descend my light over you when you call upon me.