The future is standing at your door.

What to do about it?

What do you want to accomplish in the New World?

Any ideas? 

We Archangels and Ascended Masters would love to hear about them so we can step in and support you.

Some have talked about the need of a New Society that has to be created.

Do you have any ideas how you see that?

If you have we would like to hear about it.

Let’s collaborate and make it right this time. 

A society with understanding for each other and with respect for each other, so we can get peace developed on Earth.

Mother Earth is a beautiful mother.  Take care of her with love and gratefulness. Give her peace and you will all thrive on Earth.

Many issues have to be changed but protect the freedom and free will you have gotten and know there are boundaries around it, otherwise it can’t flourish.

Protect the new beautiful souls that has entered your world to lift you and even to teach you the beauty. 

Beauty and Love.  Two big elements that should govern the humanity.

Planet Earth offers it all—respect it and protect it.

Rise to a higher consciousness and awareness that is presented to you from the Universe.

Listen in take your time to absorb it and work with it with your inner self.

Let’s hear from you and we will listen and step in to help you manifest the ideas you see should be done to change the World.