The New World is in front of us, a world where the basic values will be brought back to create a foundation underneath higher esoteric teaching.

The values our societies were built upon have been forgotten by many of you people, and the children suffer because of that.

There are no foundation or borders underneath the children today. No rules of right or wrong. They are let to themselves and are feeling a lack of love.

The World is overwhelmed with negative often propaganda that disturbs a child’s inner balance.

The World incl. many parents seem not to care, and believe everything is fine by leaving it to all the outer influences that enter their minds through the manipulating technology of entertainment.

The school system has been taken over by control of the government and by incompetent teachers.

We have to look upon our society and ask ourselves – what went wrong?

How can we readjust the damage that we have created in our ignorance?

It is as the majority of the people have given up and satisfy themselves with entertainment – alcohol – and drugs and live in denial as if they can separate themselves from the truth and the shape the world is in right now.

But we are all connected so the boomerang of ignorance hits us all.

Wake up – start creating the New World listen to your heart and be true to yourselves.

Start changing what went wrong now.

Talk with your children, show them the beauty and the values, let them grow in inner peace.