Most of you have started celebrating the tree, you have glorified it with all the ornaments. The tree feels special and worshipped by you.

With its beauty it lifts the whole spirit in your room a beauty that goes to your heart. Now is the time that you seize that beauty within your heart for the year to come.


Let it shine to the world that surrounds you and the rings of that beauty will expand further out into the world, whether they celebrate the tree or not.The tree with its beauty goes beyond what you experience.

It sends joy to whoever you meet.

This is a very special time of the year whether you celebrate Christmas or not doesn’t matter because the vibration in the air starting with the tree brings peace and light to Planet Earth.

It is a time that creates a silent moment with a smile or a tear on you face a moment where you maybe even go back in your memories good or bad, but the tree makes you reflect on inner experiences.

If you don’t have a tree you will pass them on your way to work because they are everywhere to lift your spirit even into a higher realm.

If you stop up in the silence you might even find that this is giving birth to something even beyond your imagination.

So look out smile to the tree when you pass it and thank it for the gift it is giving you for having sacrificed its own livelihood to lift and help you.

Be grateful and enjoy this moment shown to you at the end of a year with a new beginning in front of you.

Please celebrate all the trees year around they are your friends.

I AM Lord Jesus