It has been a while since you heard from me, so much has happened in the Universe not just on Planet Earth.

The time has come to look upon yourselves and your situations in the life around you.


The evolvement that has happened on Planet Earth went very fast suddenly you found yourselves in an awkward situation separated from your loved ones and your friends. You got locked up in a different lifestyle.

Many of you couldn’t handle it and today the result is a division in the world even within the same country.


Those who believed in the Government and what they call vaccine and those who opposed to it. 

Friends are no longer friends and in all their frustrations what to believe and not they put themselves under the Government hoping they know what they are doing.

Do they? 

People are suffering from frustrations and anxiety and hope they can buy their freedom by doing as they are told.

That is not the freedom that was set up in United States. They seem to disregard the Constitution and Justice doesn’t play a role anymore for those who know how to manipulate and find the loopholes.

So what is left?

Find your own island in the midst of the chaos. 

Enjoy every moment you can surround yourselves with beauty and stillness to keep your soul in balance.

The system has become so big that there isn’t much each of you individually can do other than create your own world your own community in which you can help each other incl. your children. Find a school system that will teach the children the basic of values and ad on interesting subjects that they can use. Teach them about how important it is to connect with nature and be aware of all nature can teach them.

We need a human race with better values and more respect for our Mother Earth. 

We support you, go for it and we are behind you to help and guide you into wisdom and life values.


                                                I AM Great Divine Director 

                                                And I stand behind you!