The world has never looked worse than now, but at the same time the opportunity to turn it around into a better balance has never been better than now either.

It is like a pendulum that swings, the answer to that is can you stop it in the middle and make it sustainable?

I believe so !

With awareness and learning from the past, we can make it happen. We have all the evidence and history information as to what took and still takes the world out of balance.

Inequality something that has grown very fast in United States.

We haven’t seen so much poverty and homeless people as we see now not even under the depression.

The sad thing is to see people going into despair and therefore go into drugs to forget about their miserable situation.

The whole system is going into a wrong direction in controlling people through fear.

Where there is fear, love and compassion can’t get through and humanity loses faith.

It takes a lot of guts to stand up for who you are, but you have to otherwise you will lose your freedom that your forefathers have fought for. 

Please tune in with us Ascended Masters and ask the angels for help. 

You are not alone and your calls will be answered. Don’t go into despair contact your fellow friends who believes that a better future is possible because it will be.

More and more of you are getting awake and together you can turn this around.

We are here to help you. 

Keep your faith in God and you will receive the strength you are in need of.

Spread your light and faith over your surroundings to lift the power in believing in yourselves, so you can stay strong together.

Sending my light over you.


Note: Lord Himalaya is the Master of the Masters and the great Manu of the Fourth Root Race.