It has to stop!

The creation of Artificial Intelligence has expanded far beyond Human Intelligence, and if you don’t stop it, it will take over Planet Earth.The Human Race would thereby go extinct.

Stop it now while you can. 

You are fooling yourselves thinking it will make your world an easier world to live in.

You will become the slaves of this creation.

But it is not only the Artificial Intelligence that are making slaves of you—your governments are doing it as well with their totalitarian rulership. 

You are about to exchange the Police Force along with the Military Power into robots that can accomplish more than Human Beings can do.

The Freedom that you got on Planet Earth was a beautiful thing, but you are jeopardizing it with your creations and behaviors of ignorance without taking responsibility for the consequences.

The history is repeating itself, so to save Mother Earth it has to be lifted up to a higher vibration where a big population of Humanity will not be able to follow but will have to be sent on to another Planet.

The Armageddon is standing at your door all created by you the Human Beings the price is to be paid. And the price is not a small one.

You Light bearers who want to save Mother Earth must stand up to the plate now and do what you can to stop all this insane development that is being done in all directions right now.

You have been given warnings for 50 years now and not taken them seriously so the next few years will be a clean-up of Planet Earth all based upon your behaviors.