It seems to get worse—and so it is!

You will have to establish your small groups that can step in and help each other in a chaotic time—stay together and let it pass.

Everything in life is temporarily. Seize the good moments and hang on to those. They will be back.

There will be a huge clean up, it has to be done, in order to save Planet Earth from its evil forces. Forces that don’t seem to stop, but there is a time for everything even for this.

The waves come and go and those of you who knows how to work with those times up and down, because you have been there before, you will in your awareness ride them off.

Help those who are sitting on a cliff, but first take care of your own inner calm center. Stay strong within yourselves.

The flood is coming keep your heads over water.

Concentrate on your safety and how you can help others.

Humanity went too far in their selfishness and greed and they let go of the values the rules for living in harmony as they were set up. Everybody want more to such an extend you have maxed out what Mother Earth is willing to give.

Therefore, the day is coming closer for a payment of your ignorance and blindfolded selfishness.

Wake up my dear friends, take the spoon in the other hand and help this beautiful Planet Earth to survive and revive for a New Era coming around the corner.

Hang in there help Mother Earth to clean up and you will experience a New Golden Age.