Looking at what is going on in the world today I see that the Buddha teaching has diminished in a dark behavior among humanity.

The teaching within yourselves have gone lost in all the information you daily are confronted with through the mass media so you lose yourselves–your own identity of thoughts in all the noise.

This is a time of importance to go within yourselves find the joy within and eliminate all the noise around you. The biggest healing you can contribute with in this tumult is to take control of yourselves and find an inner balance.

It is your balance of harmony and compassion that will help the Planet Earth to restore its balance. You are the ones who can change the situation and only you.

Many of you have lost the values and the tools as to how.

Please for Planet Earth and for yourselves take out fifteen minutes of your daily routine to sit in stillness with yourselves and look upon what the surroundings are doing to you and what you can change in your own surroundings.

The world needs the joy—harmony—and compassion, and it can be provided by you standing still in the middle of all the noise just for 15 minutes a day.

You will walk out lifted and you will spread that to your surroundings and make a healing difference to all you encounter.

Little by little you will see the world turning in front of your eyes.

The values of integrity and responsibility of behaviors have to return to Planet Earth before the New better World has a chance to accelerate.

Please be an example – be a part – to help this to change.

We all have a longing for this to happen.


I AM Manjushri 

And to your information:  Manjushri is recognized as a Bodhisattva of Wisdom.