A talk with Hermes Trimestigus – Saint Germain and El Morya 9/15/2021

We all know there is something that isn’t right.

As you have been watching over the last several weeks, you have seen this nation falling.

Teaching 1

by Hermes Trimestigus - St. Germain - El Morya

No longer is she being watched over by those who care for her, who are willing to fight for her, and who will allow her to continue to lead the Way as the example of Grandest Land imaginable.

The Golden Land where Love flourished. And children could sing directly to the sun. The song of their heart’s gratitude for Liberty, Peace, Justice and Life for ALL.

There is no one who cares more for the Path to Freedom than we—you and we the Ascended Masters and all who have believed and served with us—have maintained it by walking according to the Divine Way for decades and centuries.

No one is keeping watch, or so it seems, so that Truth may be known and lies can be denied. Decision-making has fallen away. Doing what one is told to do is now the only acceptable way.

Justice has left this country. The Nation has allowed the country to be invaded by people from all corners of the world without being checked for records or health issues that can put the people in extra danger – not only through the Covid-19 but also through human and sex trafficking and drug criminalities. The order is gone.

The emigration into United States used to go through authorities checking the people arriving, even tourists back in time needed visa to enter this country.

The Constitution that the Grandfathers established to make this a free country but with rules is no longer in place. Even the government shows disrespect towards the Constitution today.

Free speech is no longer in place either.

The way the government dealt with the issue in Afghanistan was suicide for a country they have occupied for 20 years. They left the country into the hands of Taliban donated heavy weapons and left American people along with people who were for America behind them.

If the people and its government don’t take responsibility for their actions not only for America but for the world and get Justice back. America stands on its border for destruction.

Prayers and calls are needed NOW throughout the day and night asking the Hosts of the Lord as Angels, Buddhas, Ascended Masters, Cosmic Beings and Warriors to come to every American, and especially our leaders, and demand that all this be stopped.

Now is the time for those who hold offices to do their work in taking responsibility for this land and all within it.

If we do not stop this decision making and return the voice of righteousness to the people immediately.

We may have lost this great experiment in feedom and we may never be able to reclaim this God-Given way again.

We all need to join forces to win back this Nation and the Long awaited Golden Age.


Is standing by the door ready to be launched, but Justice has to be established.

We are standing in a total shift on Planet Earth with many high evolved souls lifting from the 3rd dimension to the 4th dimension and some are even in the fifth dimensions today.

A New Consciousness is being born ready to change this beautiful Earth into a New Era of a Golden Age build upon values for all. An opportunity to finish where Lemuria began. Raising the consciousness to our God’s self in Unity with Cosmos and the Universe. Empowering Creative changes. So let us finish up this mess that has been created and each of you stay strong with your talents compassion and spread your light so those who are stuck in a system that doesn’t work for humanity can be set free and see the reality.

We need as many as possible to help to turn this Nation back to what it was founded upon – Freedom –

Jesus didn’t come with Peace but with a Sword as he said – The Earth was not ruled with light that time – Jesus came as a judgement against the darkness.

Call upon us and we will help you.