The world is changing and with that you are too. Either you will be able to change with the vibration or you might be left behind, while Planet Earth goes through its transition.

It depends upon yourselves your thoughts and efforts to clean up the four lower bodies and get rid of hatred, anger, greed and purify your heart with an opening to a higher awareness.

The circle you are in right now is coming to an ending.

We have been in wars before many times, and it doesn’t seem that the human race is learning anything but repeat to plunder Mother Earth and destroy values worth to preserve for the next generation to enjoy.

It seems the Reset of the world is being done by evil forces and without the human soul.

Should humanity go extinct and let Mother Earth regenerate without your involvement? What do you think?

Or should you who has the light step in and help humanity to find a way to live in peace with each other and to treat Mother Earth with love and respect for all she shares with you?

It is in your hands to make a difference, but it seems the decision and action has to be rapidly taken or you might all miss out.

There has been enough of wars on Planet Earth this time the transition has to be done in a way that the money machine in producing weapon must go.

Solve the issues among all of you and respect each your differences.

It is time to stop, reflect upon the past as a learning process to go on in the future with a new level of consciousness and awareness.