It is all in for a change—a transformation—a new dawn is in front of you.

It all depends upon yourselves what you want to fill this new dawn with.

If you have done your inner work you will then find yourselves in a higher vibration that opens up to unity with Cosmic energies.


Your consciousness and awareness will then give you a much better understanding of your surroundings.

You will be able to manifest what is in your dreams and walk the path you came down to do.

Beautify your path in life and fill your heart with love.

Kindness will lift you into joy.

Love one another and you will see a shift right there.

Spend time with yourselves in deep meditation and many of your questions will be answered.

We Ascended Masters want to help you and guide you. In need of us it is just to call us.

We are all looking forward to solve those issues you are faced with on Earth.

 But it demands that you light bearers connect with each other so we all can stand strong together.

To swing Planet Earth into balance again – where it once was – for that we all have to step in and help each other.