The beginning of another year is at your doorstep.

A year of mixed opportunities with waves up and down all depending upon your attitudes and how to deal with it.

It will not be an easy year, but it will make you grow into a higher dimension filled with new opportunities. Just ride with the waves and take them as a teaching for a higher realm.

Don’t shy away trying to find an easy way out, because there is no easy way out, if you want to enter the New World with a New Consciousness. A Consciousness that will Unite the World.

Every one of you will have a role to play so listen to your inner voice listen to your heart, so you can enter the New Year and its future with confidence in the change.

I know you don’t like changes, but the changes you will see at the end of the tunnel that you will have to walk are changes you will embrace with joy and love and you will end saying to yourselves it was worth walking the tunnel, it was worth riding the waves and now after the courage I have shown I can breathe and clearly see a much better opportunity in front of me with joy and compassion in my daily life.

You will thank God and God will be with you.

Just believe in yourself and you will make it.

I can’t say enough meditate in peace with yourself just 20 min. a day and ask to be shown your next step along a new road. A road that the stars will show you.

We all have each our role to make a New World just listen and look for it, and when you find it a smile will occur on your lips and you will say to yourself of cause, why didn’t I see that before?

I wish you all the best and I am looking forward to working with you in the New World.